Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dr. Pierce Envisions Eurocentric Economic System

From "Letters to Editor" in National Vanguard magazine, Issue No. 92, January 1983

In several articles you have written disparagingly of capitalism, lumping it in with Communism as an "alien" system and referring to capitalists as "parasites."

It occurs to me that when you and I speak of capitalism, we are, in fact, speaking of different things entirely.

To you a capitalist is someone who will do anything for money; to me a capitalist is a technician who finances trade and industry.

If renting out one's capital at interest is parasitic and unproductive, then one would imagine that industry and local government could do without the money. This is evidently not the case. What, then, is to compensate the lender for the risk of eventual total or partial loss?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Dr. Pierce in American Men of Science

From the 11th (1967) edition of American Men of Science (Jaques-Cattell Press), pages 4178-4179:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why We Fight

by William Pierce
from Attack!  #14, 1972

When they are desperate and have their backs against a wall, most men will fight, if they can see a chance thereby of relieving their plight.

In America today, desperate men are scarce.

We complain about taxes and about rising prices, but we are not desperate about either, despite imaginative rhetoric to that effect heard occasionally.

We denounce the treason in our government and the alien monopoly over our information media, but neither have made us desperate.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dr. Pierce Looks to Future for Dissidents

From "Letters to Editor," National Vanguard No. 110, March-April 1989:

How Much Longer?

I would appreciate a clarification of your position on just how long the present System will last and what our strategy should be in coping with it. It often seems from the overall tone of NATIONAL VANGUARD that you expect the System to crash of its own accord as a result of the lowered racial quality of American society. At the very least, you assume such deterioration in the standard of living that a White revolt would find enough supporters for a chance of success.

My question: Why do you believe the System must deteriorate so dramatically?