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The Silencing of Hans Schmidt

From January 1996 Issue of Free Speech: 

 The Silencing of Hans Schmidt

Hans Schmidt Was Thrown into Jail Simply for
Displeasing the Wrong People

By Dr. William Pierce

Perhaps you've noticed recently how pleased the news media have been to inform us that Mr. Clinton's popularity with the electorate is rising. His so-called "approval rating" is higher than it's ever been, largely because he is perceived as taking a decisive and principled stand to bring peace to Bosnia.

It's not that the American people are happy about the possibility of becoming involved in yet another war, but they are pleased to see their draft-dodging, pot- smoking President, who was in the streets with the Reds and the hippies chanting "Ho, ho, ho Chi Minh, the Viet Cong's gonna win" back during the Vietnam war, finally trying to act like a statesman by using American diplomacy and military power to end the butchery in Bosnia: finally trying to walk tall and carry a big stick. Probably that makes many Americans feel a little safer, feel that their President will stick up for them when they need him.

Well, let me tell you something else about Mr. Clinton's supposed principles: about the way he walks tall and sticks up for Americans when they need the support of their government. Five months ago, in August 1995, an American was seized by the German secret police at the airport in Frankfurt as he was preparing to return to the United States after visiting his 93-year-old mother in Germany. He was thrown into a German prison, where he remained until very recently, without trial and without bond. His name is Hans Schmidt. He lives in Pensacola, Florida. He has been a U.S. citizen for 40 years. He committed no crime while he was in Germany. He has never done anything, either in Germany or the United States, which is a crime under U.S. law.

Jailed in Democratic Germany: The Ordeal of an American Writer 
by Hans Schmidt, published by Guderian Books (December 1997)

What he had done, however, was publish a newsletter in 1994 in the United States which displeased the Jews. You see, Mr. Schmidt heads the German- American National Political Action Committee, an organization dedicated to the interests of Americans of German descent, like Mr. Schmidt himself - and like 55 million other Americans. One topic which Mr. Schmidt often discusses in his newsletters is the Jews' hate-propaganda campaign against Germany, especially their claim that the Germans gassed 6,000,000 of them to death during the Second World War, and therefore the Germans of today owe the Jews of today a free living. In particular, Mr. Schmidt criticized the anti-German hate film Schindler's List, pointing out a number of Jewish propaganda lies in the film.

Now, in the United States it's still not illegal to criticize a film - even a Jewish propaganda film. But in Germany it's a different story. In Germany to contradict the Jewish party line about the so-called "Holocaust" is illegal. It's what the Jews and their news media call a "hate crime." Many Germans are in prison today simply because they have written or said something the Jews didn't like.

That's because the German government today is a continuation of the occupation government imposed on the German people 50 years ago by the communist and democratic Allies who conquered Germany in the Second World War. It is a government in which German patriots were forbidden to participate. It consists of traitors who were willing to serve the conquerors of their people - of ambitious traitors who understood that the way to power and privilege in conquered Germany lay in pleasing the Jews. And these traitors were happy to impose on their own people whatever laws the Jews demanded. They taxed the German people so that the German government could send tens of billions of dollars to Israel in so-called "war reparations" - even though Israel didn't even exist during the war. And they enacted laws making it illegal for Germans to criticize or contradict Jews.

Now, of course, German laws are the business of the Germans. Until the German people rise up, hang their traitors, and form a patriotic government, they'll have to do without freedom of speech and freedom of the press. They'll have to obey the laws imposed on them by a government of traitors or pay the penalty for breaking those laws. But those laws cannot be imposed on Americans for what Americans do on American soil. The German government cannot. take away an American's right to say or write what he wants in America.

Hans Schmidt has been a naturalized American citizen for 40 years. He has committed no crime in Germany. The German government has no jurisdiction over what he has written in America. And yet he has been arrested by the German secret police and imprisoned. How can that be? Why did that happen?

I'll tell you. Hans Schmidt was arrested for two reasons. First, there are Jewish hate organizations in every country, including the United States and Germany, which not only make Jewish hate propaganda for the Jew-controlled media, but which also spy on the people of the country in which they are located. They compile hate lists of people who say or write things which displease them. They distribute these hate lists to their news media, and then the people on the lists are accused of "hate crimes" by the media. And they distribute these hate lists to the governments over which they have influence, and they demand that the governments take repressive action against the people on the lists. Hans Schmidt's name is high on most of these Jewish hate lists. That's one of the reasons he was arrested by the German secret police.

A second reason is that the German secret police knew ahead of time that the United States government would not protest Hans Schmidt's arrest. More important, they knew that the Jew-controlled news media would remain silent-that there would be no headlines in the New York Times or the Washington Post or the Wall Street Journal or any other Jewish newspaper.

They knew that the U.S. government would not protest, because the head of the secret police in the United States, Mr. Clinton's FBI Director Louis Freeh, has pledged to them repeatedly during the past two years that he would do everything he could to help them silence Americans who are saying things the Jews don't like. He has publicly lamented the fact that the United States does not have repressive laws like those in Germany, which prohibit Politically Incorrect speech. He has publicly lamented the fact that the FBI cannot arrest people like Hans Schmidt - and me and many other Americans on the Jews' hate lists - but he has pledged that he would help the German secret police arrest them.

And that's exactly what he has done. Mr. Freeh is a politically ambitious little man, and he knows which side his bread is buttered on. He knows whom he must please in order to remain in favor in the Clinton government. And so when Americans on a Jewish hate list travel to another country, Mr. Freeh's secret police in Washington tip off the secret police in the other country. They collaborate in punishing American citizens for exercising their Constitutional rights.

And of course, it's not just Mr. Freeh who is engaged in this subversive, anti- American activity. The whole Clinton government is composed of people who want to abolish the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights, so that they can usher in the New World Order, where no one will be permitted to say or write anything which is not Politically Correct. They want a New World Order governed by "hate laws," where anyone who doesn't toe the line can be thrown into prison for a "hate crime." They take their lead from Jews who already have succeeded in imposing such laws on the people of Germany, of Canada, of Britain, and of many other European countries. The Clinton government could not silence Hans Schmidt while he was in America, but they did collaborate with the German government in silencing him, and they continue to collaborate with the German government by failing to protest its imprisonment of an American citizen.

Contrast this despicable, treasonous behavior of the Clinton government in Hans Schmidt's case with its behavior in the case of the Chinese dissident, Harry Wu. We've all heard about Harry Wu, because the controlled news media in America made a celebrity of him when he was arrested by the Chinese government a few months ago. The Clintonistas became his champions and protectors. Mrs. Clinton wouldn't attend an international feminist conference in China, because the Chinese had Harry Wu in jail. And Harry Wu had quite clearly broken Chinese law in China by illegally sneaking into the country with a forged passport. We may sympathize with Mr. Wu's anti-Communism, but we cannot honestly pretend to be outraged when the Chinese government arrests him for entering China with a forged passport. That's illegal everywhere.
Hans Schmidt, on the other hand, did nothing illegal in either Germany or the United States. He was arrested solely because the Jews demanded it, and because their lackeys in the German government knew that their lackeys in the U.S. government wouldn't protest. That is something to be outraged about.

Hans Schmidt with Dr. Pierce, among friends

Now, I've known Hans Schmidt for 15 years. He's a personal friend. At a time when I was even poorer than I am today, he gave me an automobile. It's an automobile which my wife still drives. I've spoken often with him over the years and shared important information with him. So I have a personal reason for being outraged at what has been done to Hans Schmidt. But you should be just as outraged as I am. The attack on Hans Schmidt's rights and freedom is an attack on the rights and freedom of every American. If Hans Schmidt can be silenced, so can I - or you - or anyone. If we don't express our outrage now about what has been done to Hans Schmidt, who will speak up for us when we are silenced?

There's not much point in directing our outrage against the German government. That's something for German patriots to concern themselves with. And I'm sure that one day they will rise up and settle matters over there, if they have enough rope and lampposts for the job. But we have a job to do over here. We Americans should direct our outrage against the subversives and criminals in our own government who have conspired with the German government to silence Hans Schmidt. We should direct our outrage against the Clintonistas and all of the other collaborators. We should direct our outrage at the hate organizations which compile the hate lists and whisper in the ears of the politicians and provide hate propaganda for the controlled media: organizations like the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the so-called Southern Poverty Law Center. It is these Jewish hate organizations which ultimately are responsible for the imprisonment of Hans Schmidt. It is these hate organizations which are pushing for "hate laws" in the United States, making it illegal to criticize them or their policies. It is these hate organizations which are pushing harder than anyone else to abolish our Constitution and subject us all to the New World Order.

Just being outraged at these hate organizations and at their collaborators in the media and the government isn't enough, of course. If we want to keep our freedom to say and write what we think, just being angry at those who are taking it away from us isn't enough. We have to fight these enemies of freedom with all the means at our disposal.

Look! We cannot do now to this filth, to these haters of our people, what really needs to be done. That will have to wait. But here's what we can do now, what we must do now: first, we must remember that most of the politicians and bureaucrats who collaborate with the haters are men without principle or conviction or scruple. They are simply ambitious opportunists. Most of them are lawyers. They don't care about freedom one way or the other, since they can't eat it or put in the bank. It's just a word to them. They don't care whether Hans Schmidt is in prison or not. All they care about is how much butter is on their bread. We must make these corrupt men understand that a day of reckoning is coming, and that they will be called to account. We must make them understand that on that day we will present them with a bill for all of the butter they have accepted from the haters. We must make them understand that the time for them to begin buying insurance against that day is now.

Remembering these things, let's begin by reminding them that to us freedom is not just a word, that to us it is important whether or not our government sticks up for its citizens' rights - and that until the day comes when we use other means, we will at least make our voices heard in support of freedom, that we will not be silenced, and that if they try to ignore us our voices will only grow louder and stronger.

Let's begin by writing letters and making telephone calls. Write to the State Department in Washington, which is supposed to be responsible for the welfare of American citizens traveling in other countries. Tell them that you are very unhappy that they did nothing to obtain Hans Schmidt's release. Tell them that you are angry. Tell them that you want to know why they haven't even protested to the German government.

Write to the politicians in the Congress who are supposed to be representing your interests. Tell them the same thing. Demand answers.
The most important thing for us to keep in mind 
is that we are not powerless, despite what the 
haters would like for everyone to believe.
Listen! You may think that writing letters is wasted effort, that others already have written and that it has done no good, so why should you bother. The politicians and bureaucrats don't care, you may think, so why should you make yourself look foolish by making demands that they'll just ignore. If that's the way you think, you're wrong. I tell you that if everyone listening with us today will write, if those politicians and bureaucrats receive a hundred thousand angry letters, they will remember that a little insurance might be a good thing for them.

And write to the editors of every newspaper and news magazine you read. Tell them what you think about the failure of the Clinton government to protect the rights of its citizens. Some of those letters will be published and will be read by tens of thousands of other people.

Use your telephone. Call every talk show which can be received in your area. Get on the air. Express yourself forcefully. People will listen to you.

The haters at the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center will continue to sneer at us and to snicker among themselves, and they will continue to spread their hatred to the media and to pull the strings on most of the politicians and to tell the Clintonistas what to do. It'll be a while yet before we can wipe the sneer off their faces for good, but even now we can make their hateful work more difficult for them.

The most important thing for us to keep in mind is that we are not powerless, despite what the haters would like for everyone to believe. We don't have to lie down and let them walk on us. If we just have the courage and the energy to use our voices, we can accomplish much. The haters always do their dirty work in secret, behind the scenes. They can only steal freedom from Americans if the public doesn't understand what they're up to. They can only get away with silencing people like Hans Schmidt if the public doesn't know about it. It's our responsibility to tell the public: to tell them loudly and clearly and repeatedly.

Let's think about one more thing. It is terrible, of course, that we have a government composed of criminals and traitors, of despicable politicians like Bill Clinton, who collaborate with the enemies of our people to bring about such crimes as the imprisonment of Hans Schmidt.

Despite this, however, as we move into this new year I am more optimistic than I have ever been. A great sea change is taking place in the consciousness of the American people, a great awakening. Most of them are still far from a full understanding of the evil which afflicts our nation. They are still far from being ready to deal with the haters and their collaborators in the manner they deserve. But there is at least a new openness, a new willingness to listen and to reason. I see a growing impatience with treason, a growing unwillingness to swallow the smooth lies of the Clintonistas, a growing suspicion of the controlled media and of the hate groups behind the media. And it is our responsibility, the responsibility of all of us with some understanding of what has been happening in America, to help the rest of the people develop their own understanding, to help their awareness grow, to speed their awakening.

I can see that awakening on the horizon, in the not too distant future. On the horizon I can see the glow of the cleansing fire with which this nation will be swept: the fire which will restore us to health and sanity and honor, the fire which will consume the filth and the deceit and the hate and leave us with the possibility to shape a new future for our children and our grandchildren.

We must endure more treason and injustice as the haters pull out all the stops in their efforts to maintain their power now, and later to save their skins. But the end of them and their evil is in sight, and that is something in which we can all rejoice.

Hans Schmidt 
(April 24, 1927 – May 30, 2010)

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Two Minutes Hate

From Attack! No. 39, 1975:

Two Minutes Hate
 by Dr. William Pierce


    WASHINGTON POST story tells of Nathan Cohen decision compelling Federal workers to submit to sensitivity-training sessions. Applying many of the same techniques which were used to brainwash American POW’s in communist prison camps in Korea and Vietnam, Federal psychologists are able to control attitudes and opinions with a high degree of success. These techniques are also being used in high schools now to “adjust” White students to a multiracial environment.
In 1984, the well-known political horror-fantasy by George Orwell, it was called the Two Minutes Hate. At eleven o’clock each morning the workers in all government offices assembled in front of television screens for a sensitivity-training session in which they released their pent-up hostilities and became, thereby, better-adjusted subjects of Big Brother.

In 1975 they don’t call it the Two Minutes Hate, but it amounts to exactly the same thing. Federal employees are increasingly being forced to submit to mind-bending group-therapy sessions designed to suppress “undesirable” attitudes — primarily attitudes toward members of racial-minority groups — and mold their psyches in directions deemed more suitable by the clever people who plan the therapy sessions.

Beginning (appropriately) in the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and the now-defunct Office of Economic Opportunity a few years ago, the government’s sensitivity-training program is gradually being extended to other Federal agencies, both in Washington and in the boondocks.

Many government workers are complaining about this not-very-subtle program of thought control, but a recent decision in the case of an employee at the Watervliet (NY) Arsenal indicates that Big Brother is determined to press on.

Backed by his union, the American Federation of Government Employees, the Watervliet Arsenal employee argued that the government unjustly suspended him from his job without pay when he refused to attend sensitivity-training sessions which had been scheduled for workers at the arsenal.

A Federal labor arbitrator, Nathan Cohen, ruled against the union and the employee, saying the government has the right to enforce attendance and punish employees who do not go to the sessions. Cohen’s ruling will not halt all employee resistance to compulsory sensitivity training, but it will give the government an advantage in being able to threaten with dismissal all Federal workers who balk.

The Federal thought-control program is most solidly established in the Department of Defense. Under Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger sensitivity training has been institutionalized in each of the armed services as a mandatory part of the training of all personnel.

Some of the “shock techniques” used in earlier military sensitivity-training sessions are primarily responsible for the notoriety the program has received. Stripped of all insignia of rank, officers and enlisted personnel, Black and White, male and female, were herded into classrooms and subjected to various experiences designed to rub their noses collectively in the filth of racemixing.

In some sessions Black instructors would scream obscenities at White participants and encourage them to reciprocate: “You White honky motherfucker, call me a nigger! Come on, you honky bastard, you’re thinking ‘nigger’; now say it! ” The idea was to bring latent racial hostility to the surface, so that it could be dissipated.

In one Navy program at Charleston, S.C., a Black instructor took a White female assistant to the front of the class and fondled and kissed her, after a series of obscene “bedroom” remarks. The Navy received such strenuous objections to this program that it was temporarily halted.

But Federal psychologists have found that they are able to achieve their purpose just as well with more subtle techniques. One “final exam” devised by the mind-controllers, for example, simply involves passing a soft drink around the sensitivity-training classroom. Anyone in the racially mixed group who declines to take a drink from the common bottle is considered to have flunked.

Herd instinct — the drive to conform to group standards — is very powerful, and Big Brother’s experts have learned how to manipulate it in such a way that they can modify the opinions and attitudes of their subjects. The basic method used is to strip the individual’s personality naked, to deprive him of his privacy, to make him bare his innermost thoughts and feelings—and then to apply overwhelming pressure to him to make those thoughts and feelings conform to those of the others in the group. In the context of the sensitivity-training class, to be non-conforming is equivalent to being anti-social.

And the method works. Only persons of extraordinarily strong will and personality are immune to its effects.

Unfortunately, employees of the Federal government are not the only persons being subjected to the new thought-control program; workers in some industrial plants with Federal contracts are also being required to attend therapy sessions. Worse, pilot programs have been established in a number of the nation’s high schools.

Whereas the program for adults aims primarily at keeping natural racial hostilities in check, the high school programs are more ambitious. Their purpose is to utterly destroy any sense of racial identity in young Whites, to nip in the bud any incipient feeling of racial pride and replace it instead with self-hatred and guilt. The sensitivity trainers want to produce a new generation of racially castrated Whites — raceless White zombies who will blend unobtrusively into the multi-racial future they are planning for America.

In most cases the high school programs have adopted formats rather similar to the adult program, except that they have taken full advantage of the greater impressionability of their participants. But the thought-controllers are always experimenting, attempting to improve their craft.

One of their newer inventions is a “White studies” course for the White minority at the mostly Black Berkeley (CA) High School. It is called “What Is White?”

As proudly reported in the June 30 issue of Newsweek, the course complements “Black studies” courses in which Black students are taught that the only reason their race has a record of failure and lack of achievement throughout history is that the wicked and greedy Whites have held them back. Berkeley’s new “White studies” course teaches young Whites that they must accept the guilt for White repression of non-White races and try to make it up to them.

“After exploring such topics as prejudice and white culture,” reports Newsweek, the White students “come around to the view that the white man’s burden of guilt for America’s imperfections is really an opportunity and that there is much whites can do to help because of their position in society.”

One student who took the course, 17-year-old Anthony Cody, said: “I feel better about being white now. The course gave me the ability to deal with it.”

When the time comes to settle scores in America, there will be no place in hell hot enough for the depraved creatures responsible for destroying the racial consciousness of these White boys and girls. Meanwhile, however, the thought-controllers are going ahead as fast as prudence allows, and the number of young people being subjected to their program is growing at an alarming rate.

Unless Americans who still have the capacity to think for themselves act soon, that capacity may be taken from them; certainly it will be taken from their children. Unless we upset Big Brother’s plans, 1984 may be here in less than nine years.

* * *
Transcribed by Vanessa Neubauer from the book The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard, edited by Kevin Alfred Strom -- source:

Zionism I: Theory

From Attack! tabloid, No. 42, 1976

Zionism I: Theory
Exclusiveness, Belief in Superiority, Hostility

by Dr. William L. Pierce

The Resolution by the General Assembly of the United Nations on November 10, equating Zionism and racism, has provoked a torrent of response in the news media. Much of this response has been deliberately deceptive, and there consequently exists a state of confusion in the average citizen’s mind as to just what Zionism is and what its relationship is, if any, with racism.


    Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Chaim Herzog, sneers at “goyim” in the UN General Assembly as he contemptuously tears up their resolution condemning Zionism. It is arrogant behavior like this which has earned the Jews the well-deserved hatred of all the other peoples of the world.

The Jewish response to the UN action, has been to deny that Zionism is racism and to charge to the contrary that anti-Zionism is merely a thinly veiled anti-Semitism. Jews maintain that Zionism, with its call for an exclusive Jewish homeland comprising Palestine and portions of other Arab countries, cannot be separated from Judaism and the Jewish people. In the words of Chaim Herzog, Israeli ambassador to the UN:

“Zionism… is the modern expression of the ancient Jewish heritage. The Zionist ideal, as set out in the Bible, has been and is an integral part of the Jewish religion.”

The Jews are essentially correct in asserting that one cannot be against Zionism without also being against Jews. Even though many Jews do not participate actively in any of the numerous Zionist political organizations, it is an undeniable fact that Jews, non-religious as well as religious ones, are nearly unanimous in their support for the government of Israel and for the political goals of Zionism.

Those who oppose Zionism or who are totally indifferent to it are an utterly insignificant minority. As Israel’s leaders are fond of boasting, “The Six Day War (of June 1967, in which the Jews seized Egypt’s Sinai, Jordan’s West Bank, and Syria’s Golan in a surprise assault on their Arab neighbors) Zionized world Jewry.”

Norman Podhoretz, editor of Commentary, the organ of the powerful American Jewish Committee, says essentially the same thing: “It has become clearer and clearer that something has happened to the Jews of America: they have all been converted to Zionism.”

But is Zionism equivalent to racism? Jews are the very image of wounded innocence as they hotly deny this. They correctly point out that Jews have been the instigators, the financiers, the propagandists, the generals, and, to a great extent, the soldiers in the war against racism, both in the United States and in other parts of the world.

As just one example, the most important organization in America seeking to bring about racial mixing between Blacks and Whites, the National Association far the Advancement of Colored People, has been an almost exclusively Jewish enterprise from its founding by Jews in 1910 until the death of its last Jewish president, Kivie Kaplan, last year. A Jewish lawyer, Jack Greenberg, still heads the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, which has instigated most of the moves toward court-enforced racial mixing in the last 25 years, including the original school-integration decision by the Supreme Court in 1954, from which all of today’s forced-busing orders have stemmed.

And the record of votes by Jewish legislators in the Congress and statements by Jewish spokesmen in the media is clear: they overwhelmingly favor all moves, including the racial busing of school children, which bring about increased racial mixing.

In other countries it is the same story. In South Africa, for example, the crumbling of the government’s policy of apartheid and the decision to abandon Rhodesia are the direct result of Jewish pressure. Harry Oppenheimer, the Jewish multibillionaire who controls the De Beers diamond mines, practically all of South Africa’s gold mines, her uranium industry, and a dozen other South African industries as well, has used his enormous wealth to buy control of many of the English-language news media in South Africa and has made substantial inroads into Afrikaans newspapers and magazines. He uses his media control to propagandize for Black-White “equality” and eventual Black rule for South Africa while simultaneously applying more direct pressures to government officials. He is supported in his efforts by South Africa’s very substantial Jewish community.

So, if nearly all Jews are Zionists and if nearly all Jews believe in racial mixing, how can Zionism be a form of racism?

In trying to answer this question, it is helpful to consider what a few prominent Zionists have had to say about Zionism. Moses Hess (1812-1875) is regarded as the real father of the modern, political form of Zionism. In his book Rome and Jerusalem, published in 1862, he wrote:

“We Jews shall always remain strangers among the goyim (Gentiles)… It is a fact that the Jewish religion is above all Jewish nationalism… Each and every Jew, whether he wishes it or not, is automatically, by virtue of his birth, bound in solidarity with his entire nation… One must be a Jew first and a human being second.”

Hess was more a Jewish nationalist than a Jewish racist — although he clearly did consider Jewishness to be a matter of birth rather than conviction. Other Zionists were much more explicit on this point. Louis Brandeis, a former U.S. Supreme Court justice and a leading Zionist, stated it succinctly: “Jews are a distinct nationality of which every Jew, whatever his country, his station, or his shade of belief, is necessarily a member.”

The Zionist historian Simon Dubnow wrote in his book, The Foundation of National Judaism (published in 1906):

    Assimilation is common treason against the banner and ideals of the Jewish people… But one can never ‘become’ a member of a natural group, such as a family, a tribe, or a nation. One may attain the rights or privileges of citizenship with a foreign nation, but cannot appropriate for himself its nationality too. To be sure, the emancipated Jew in France calls himself a Frenchman of Jewish faith. Would that mean, however, that he became a part of the French nation, confessing to the Jewish faith? Not at all. Because in order to be a member of the French nation one must be a Frenchman by birth, one must be able to trace his genealogy back to the Gauls, or to another race in close kinship with them, and finally one must also possess those characteristics which are the result of the historic evolution of the French nation. A Jew, on the other hand, even if he happened to be born in France and still lives there, in spite of all these, he remains a member of the Jewish nation, and whether he likes it or not, whether he is aware or unaware of it, he bears the seal of the historic evolution of the Jewish nation.

All three Zionists quoted above may be correctly regarded as racists, in that they reject the prevailing notion of the day that only the individual has any real significance and that it is wicked even to take into consideration the biological and cultural connections of the individual to a “natural group” (to use Dubnow ‘s term) of which he is a member.

It can be argued, nevertheless, that Jewish racism is at least a little different from the racism of most other peoples, in that it does place relatively less emphasis on purely biological connections and relatively more on other tribal connections: a shared culture, history, and attitude toward the non-Jewish world.

But this is to be expected in a people who exhibit as much biological diversity as the Jews do. They have absorbed physical traits from many of the other races among whom they have lived, until today, although most Jews still have many racial factors in common, they cannot be easily classified as a distinct race — and certainly not as a homogeneous race.

That which defines the Jews is only partly racial. They are also a partly national, partly religious, partly historical, partly cultural entity.

Indeed, because Jews are much more uniform psychically than physically, it is very difficult to decide whether they are more nearly a racial entity or a cultural entity. But that may be an irrelevant point. The fact is that Jews, now and always, have regarded themselves as a distinct, separate, and very special category of people — the “chosen people,” the “people of God,” and, as such, superior to all other peoples of the earth.

This idea that all Jews, whatever the country of their birth, are members of a single tribe, separate from and superior to all others, is the central theme of Zionism and of Judaism. Nahum Goldmann, president of the World Zionist Organization, touched on it when he said:

    "Diaspora Jewry (all Jews outside Palestine) has to overcome the conscious or subconscious fear of so-called double loyalty. It has to be convinced that it is fully justified in tying up its destiny with Israel’s. It has to have the courage to reject the idea that Jewish communities owe loyalty only to the states where they live.”


    Nahum Goldmann, top Zionist leader. He speaks openly of a “Jewish race” and urges Jews everywhere to be loyal only to Israel.

Dr. Goldmann expressed himself more clearly in addressing the Jews of Germany, before World War II, attempting to persuade them to emigrate to Palestine:

    Judaism can have nothing in common with Germanism, if we go by the standards of race, history, and culture, and the Germans have the right to prevent the Jews from intruding into the affairs or their volk… The same demand I raise for the Jewish volk, as against the German… The Jews are divided into two categories, those who admit that they belong to a race distinguished by a history thousands of years old, and those who don’t. The latter are open to the charge of dishonesty.

If the racism expressed by Goldmann in the above statements were all there is to it, it would be hard to find fault with Zionism. Racism — the feeling of belonging to a “natural group,” of owing loyalty to that group, of wanting to preserve its identity and promote its welfare, of preferring to associate with members of that group rather than with aliens — is a universal, natural, and healthy condition of mankind. Indeed, it is a natural condition of all living things, in a sense, and they all owe their very existence to its universality.

But Zionism — whether one prefers to call it Jewish nationalism or Jewish racism — goes far beyond that. It is a distorted racism, a perverted and predominantly negative racism, expressing itself more in hostility toward other peoples than in positive aspirations for the Jewish people.

This has been true from the time of Moses, who instructed his fellow Jews to massacre without pity the Gentiles whose lands they wanted to seize, lest they later be inconvenienced by the survivors:

“But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then it shall come to pass that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes and thorns in your sides and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell.’” (Numbers 33:55)

The advice was generally followed in the old days, and it is still followed today. Joshua, after capturing the city of Jericho and looting it of all its “silver and gold and vessels of brass and iron”… “utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox and sheep and ass, with the edge of the sword.”

And, more than 3,000 years later, the Haganah and the Irgun and the Stern Gang massacred the entire populations of Palestinian villages in order to terrify the other Arab inhabitants of Palestine into fleeing the country and leaving their homes and farms and businesses to be taken over by Jews.

This hostility toward other peoples, this extreme Jewish xenophobia and ethnocentricity, this contempt for everything not Jewish is revealed over and over again in the writings of Zionists, just as in their actions. It is a masochistic sort of racism, which glories and revels in the anti-Jewish hostility which it in turn provokes.


    This clipping from the November 21, 1975, issue of the Jewish Press, which claims to have the largest circulation of any English-language weekly newspaper for Jews, complains that Gentiles are “infiltrating” into Israel posing as Jews, thus “desecrating” the Jewish state and religion. In the eyes of orthodox Jews, “goyim” (Gentiles) are mere cattle, not human beings.

Theodor Herzl, the Zionist leader whose efforts were most essential to the founding of the state of Israel, wrote in his book The Jewish State (published in 1896):

    Every nation in whose midst Jews live is, either covertly or openly, anti-Semitic… Anti-Semitism increases day by day and hour by hour among the Gentiles… We are one people — our enemies have made us one in our despite… Distress binds us together, and, thus united, we suddenly discover our strength.

The Zionist Jakob Klatzkin (1882-1948) carried the idea further in his book Crisis and Decision, published in 1921, and addressed to the German people:

    …We are not hyphenated Jews (i.e., German-Jews); we are Jews with no qualifications or reservations. We are simply aliens; we are a foreign people in your midst, and, we emphasize, we wish to stay that way. There is a wide gap between you and us, so wide that no bridge can be laid across. Your spirit is alien to us; your myths, legends, habits, customs, traditions and national heritage, your religious and national shrines, your Sundays and holidays… they are all alien to us. The history of your triumphs and defeats, your war songs and battle hymns, your heroes and their mighty deeds, your national ambitions and aspirations, they are all alien to us. The boundaries of your lands cannot restrict our movements, and your border clashes are not of our concern. Far over and above the frontiers and boundaries of your land stands our Jewish unity… Whosoever calls the foreign (Gentile) land a fatherland is a traitor to the Jewish people … A loyal Jew can never be other than a Jewish patriot… We recognize a national unity of diaspora Jews, no matter in which land they may reside. Therefore, no boundaries can restrain us in pursuing our own Jewish policy…

And the “American” Zionist, Samuel Untermyer, said in 1933: “Other races have come and gone. The Jew has survived. Persecution cannot crush him. The Jews are the aristocrats of the world.”

Such unbridled and reckless arrogance, stemming from the persistent Jewish notion that the children of Israel have been “chosen” to rule the world and must, therefore, remain aloof from the goyim, destined to be their slaves when the Messiah comes, has led to a great deal of friction between the Jews and their Gentile hosts throughout the ages. And yet even this negative and peculiarly Jewish form of racism could be tolerated, if that were all.

The Jews could all go off to the Middle East and finish butchering the Palestinians, or they could all settle on a large island by themselves somewhere, and they could then indulge their narcissist fantasies and their hatred of the rest of mankind to their hearts’ content, and we would not care.

But gathering the Jews of the world together in one place is not really part of the Zionist scheme. They want an exclusively Jewish homeland, all right, but they also want to maintain their death grip on the economies and the governments of the Gentile lands where they live as minorities. Zionism is built not only on the ideas of Jewish exclusiveness and Jewish superiority, but also on the idea of Jewish world dominion.

Not a world dominion achieved by force of Jewish arms or by any frontal assault on the hated goyische world, but a dominion brought about by infiltration and subversion, by the encouragement of weakness and decadence among the Gentiles, by the imperceptibly slow injection of a Jewish spiritual poison into the hearts and minds of the goyim, destroying their will to resist.

And therein we have the explanation of the seeming dilemma: Jews who have devoted all their talents and energies to combatting racism being themselves charged with racism by the world community. Yes, Jews are against racism — racism among the Gentiles, that is, because they want to destroy the unity of the Gentile nations. And, yes, Jews (or Zionists, if you prefer) are racists, because they, more than any other people, realize the necessity of maintaining their own unity.

The condemnation by the United Nations of Zionism is, on the whole, a welcome move, but it nevertheless fails to face the issue as squarely as it should. The UN has condemned the Jews for their behavior in Palestine, for practicing both physical and cultural genocide against the Palestinian people. But that is only a negative form of the same racism which is practiced by all healthy peoples. What the Jews are doing to the Palestinians is what the Turks did to the Armenians, what the Serbs did to the Croats, what the American pioneers did to the Indians, what the Germans did to the Jews (although hardly to the tune of 6,000,000 as the Jews claim). It is the way of the world, even if, in our Western squeamishness, we would like to see more positive and fewer negative expressions of this natural and universal racism.

And so, in this regard, the Jews are at least justified in their claim that the UN condemnation of Zionist racism is hypocritical, because most of the members of the UN practice their own forms of racism. But if the UN were really an honest organization, it could have issued a denunciation of Zionism against which the Jews would have no defense.


    Theodor Herzl, one of the “founding fathers” of Israel. He dreamed of an all-Jewish state from which the Gentile world would be ruled, in fulfillment of Jewish “prophecies.

The UN could have pointed out that Jewish racism is a unique evil — a unique danger to the world — not because the Jews want Palestine all to themselves or even because they aspire to world rule, but because of the truly unique ways in which the Jews go about implementing their Zionist designs.

Recognizing more clearly than any other people the importance of racism as a natural defense — as Nature’s way of maintaining racial integrity — the Jews deliberately go about neutralizing the racism of their intended victims, thus destroying their unity, their cohesiveness, and their will to resist. It is a tactic which has proven extraordinarily effective in the past, a tactic to which the Western peoples in particular have proven susceptible.

It is for this reason that the Germans, the one nation in modern times which developed a defense against Jewish racism, named the Jews “der Weltfeind” — the world enemy.

* * *
Transcribed by Vanessa Neubauer from the book The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard, edited by Kevin Alfred Strom. Source: