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Does America Deserve To Live?

Dr. William Luther Pierce

Attack! newspaper, issue No. 41, 1975

Elsewhere in this Attack! is an article about the loss of freedom in Britain and Canada. These are freedoms which were once greatly cherished by the ancestors of the present inhabitants of those two countries. Today, however, their passing is hardly noticed.

The average Englishman may be furious with his government for insisting that he admit "sambos" and "wogs" into his social clubs, but he couldn't care less that his government is preparing to jail writers who warn of the growing power of organized Jewry. After all, he himself ordinarily reads nothing but the results of the latest soccer match. And when he is in the mood for something more, the same paperback romances will always be available at the nearest bookstall.

While the Canadian police launch nighttime raids on the homes of citizens suspected of owning "racist" literature, the average Canadian remains unconcerned. He is sure that the victims of these raids are "extremists" — odd people who make a fuss about the most uninteresting things and only cause trouble for decent folk. Certainly, his daily newspaper or TV would tell him if it were anything for him to be alarmed about.

Those Britons and Canadians with more insight than the Andy Capps, the doctors and the lawyers and the other members of the educated elite, can see the danger — that is, those of them who are willing to look. But they, too, remain silent. They feel that they cannot afford to provoke the powers that be. They have their investments to think about. Besides, they have always looked down their noses at the crude, physical tactics of those who oppose their governments' racial policies.

Britain is a much older country than America. And, in a sense, Canada, with her close ties to the mother country, is older than America, too. But Britain and Canada are only a few years ahead of America in their slide into alien-dominated police states, and the gap is shrinking.

Britain began dismembering her empire immediately after World War II, having been prepared for every sort of folly by five years of grotesquely demagogic misrule during that catastrophically fratricidal war. It took the United States another quarter of a century to reduce her own international position to the same shambles. But the freedoms which Britons and Canadians are giving up today without a whimper will very likely be given up by Americans with no more fuss within the next four or five years.

And so few voices are raised in protest! And of those who do protest, are there any, besides those in the National Alliance, who say clearly and openly and loudly — who shout for all the world to hear — that the corrupt and racially destructive System which rules this nation must be overthrown by whatever means necessary, if White America is to survive?

No, we are the only ones.

And yet there are millions — yes, literally millions — of Americans who understand what we are saying and agree with us, but who will do nothing. I have lost count of the number of times someone has come up to me after one of our public meetings, or on the street, and has aid how much he liked a certain article in Attack!

"Oh, are you one of our local members?" I have answered. "No? Then are you an Attack! subscriber?"

The response is nearly always the same. He is not a subscriber either; he bought an Attack! on the street, or a friend showed him one. He cannot be a member or a subscriber, he explains; because he is worried that the workers in the post office will report to the FBI that he is receiving mail from the National Alliance. And he has a family to support. Or a government job. Or investments. Or something else.

Sometimes the fear is not so well crystallized — just a general wariness about becoming "involved".

This same gentleman — or lady — will chatter on about how stupid Americans are, how brainwashed, and how important it is for the National Alliance (i.e., for US, not the lady or gentleman in question) to continue reaching more and more of these benighted citizens and waking them up.

I usually restrain myself from asking what good it is to wake someone up, to arm him with the truth, if he will not then have the moral strength to use the weapon we have given him.

And, in general, should we hold in any less esteem the man who does nothing because he is brainwashed than the man who is enlightened and still does nothing?

Should it not be the other way?

Is it any nobler for America to die of cowardice rather than ignorance?

There are exceptions, of course. Some do have the courage of their convictions. Some are willing to become involved in a cause in which they believe, and the government snoops be damned! Some do become members of the National Alliance, and in that fact alone lies our hope for the future.

What is profoundly disturbing, however, is that there are so many who understand, yet so few who are willing — so many with a factually correct assessment of the situation, yet so few with the strength of character to stand up and be counted among the righteous. Even more disturbing is the thought that we know how to cure ignorance, but we are much less sure that we know how to change character, how to restore lost manhood.

A careful reading of the histories of other nations teaches us that it has always been so. There have always been only a tiny few who have been willing to take the chances and make the sacrifices upon which the fates of all their fellows have depended.

So long as those few were enough, the nations survived and prospered. When those few were too few, they went under.

When Rome was young there were always enough true Romans to assure her success and prosperity. Later, however, the Romans abandoned the faith of their fathers, squandered their patrimony, and became corrupt and decadent.

There came a time when the descendants of the warrior race which built Rome were outnumbered by their slaves and by the aliens of every hue, from every corner of the empire, who swarmed in her streets. Even those Romans whose blood had not been tainted were tainted in spirit. Addicted to soft comforts, distracted by inane recreations, they had grown more skillful at the crooked arts of the marketplace and the law court than at the martial arts, readier to calculate a profit or spin some legal sophistry from thin air than to wield their swords.

The few Romans who raised their voices in warning of this danger brought by this decadence were ignored by their fellows, who were too muddled by the conflicting babble to understand their words, too jaded and self-centered to care about them, and too timid to act on them. And so Rome fell.

And, from the long viewpoint of History, that was right and proper. Those nations live which deserve to live, and those die which deserve to die.

Does America — does the West — deserve to live? Does our race deserve to live?

That question has not yet been answered, but History is deciding the verdict now, and we will know it soon enough. We will find out in the next few years whether the enemies of the West will have as easy a time disarming and silencing Americans as they are now having with Britons and Canadians.

In the days ahead the righteous will be separated from the unrighteous, and there will be a counting of heads. Then we will see whether the few are too few.

And if there are too few, then nothing will save us. Our souls will have been tried and found wanting. Our race will become amalgamated with the mud-races of this earth, and the Great Experiment will be over. And justice will have been done.

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  1. "I urge all white people in this era to look into the mirror and to ask themselves, “What do you know about what you are?” And if you don’t know enough, put your hand on that mirror, and move towards greater knowledge of what you can become. We’re all going to die. Make use of that time which remains." ~ Jonathan Bowden