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Why Revolution?

From Attack! tabloid, Issue No. 6, 1971

“If, by the instrument of governmental authority, a people is being driven to its destruction, then rebellion is not only the right but the duty of every member of that people.”

DURING TIMES OF SOCIAL DECAY and turmoil, the more responsible members of a society will nearly always be found supporting the constituted authority against the hostile or rebellious actions of disruptive elements. For the truly responsible and prudent citizen takes the long view, and he sees (in the words of the Founding Fathers) that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; that, however grievous may be the defects in any governmental policy or even in any system of government, it is nearly always preferable to tolerate those defects and to work for reform rather than to destroy the system.

Order Before Justice

Most injustices and evils on the part of a government are, after all, tolerable, but the absence of order is not. Not only is order an indispensable prerequisite for any form of society and for all human progress, but life itself cannot long continue in its absence.

Western man has been guided in his upward struggle throughout the millennia by an inherent will-to-order. It is an essential aspect of our racial soul. To many, then, it seems natural that the best racial elements of our society should be the champions of law and order, while the worst elements should be the principal proponents of disorder, revolution, and chaos.

Yet, as with most things, there are limits beyond which blind support of governmental authority ceases to be a virtue and becomes instead an evil.

The great question of our day is: How much corruption must be tolerated for the sake of order? When have things gone so far that reform of the System is no longer feasible and revolution becomes the responsible alternative? Where should the line be drawn?

Americans More Servile

History does not help us much. The conditions which, 200 years ago, led our forefathers to decide that the line had been crossed are totally unlike those of today.

We could easily justify the toleration of unfair taxes, of governmental meddling in our personal affairs and infringement of local prerogatives, if we could thereby maintain an orderly society in these vastly more dangerous times.

Although we can admire the American colonists’ fierce intolerance of tyranny, we, having become more servile and practical, would not rebel under similar circumstances. And if the issues troubling us were no more burdensome than those faced by them, the appellation “responsible conservative” would not be such an epithet of ridicule and contempt today.

Government as a Utility

In order to understand when the support of governmental authority stops being responsible and becomes merely obstinate we must examine the basic premises on which any government’s right to exist is founded.

The prevalent view of the government today, shared by both liberals and conservatives, is that it is an expensive but necessary public utility whose principal functions are to maintain law and order, mediate squabbles among the citizenry, and provide certain general services, such as national defense, mail delivery, and a bureau of weights and measures.

There is a diversity of opinion, of course, on details. Laissez-faire conservatives take the attitude that the services provided by government – and, consequently, its operating expense – should be kept at a minimal level. Welfare-oriented liberals are more inclined to demand the maximum of services and not worry about the expense.

Not A Dime’s Worth of Difference

In the most fundamental sense, however, right and left alike regard government from the same viewpoint: It is a dispenser of largesse, an oiler of the machinery of commerce, a source of favors and privileges, a traffic cop and an errand boy. Its role is to help keep society running smoothly so each citizen can “do his own thing” with a minimum of friction from others who are doing their own things.

The consequence of this libertarian concept of government is the catastrophic state of affairs which exists in the Western world today.

We plunder and poison our environment, both physical and spiritual, while the government sits on its hands.

Perversion, drugs, organized crime, and political corruption flourish, and the state can do nothing.

Massive treason occurs in our streets, just as in the highest councils of our land, and rioting aliens burn our cities, while Washington looks on helplessly.

System Is Sick

But this breakdown in operational function is only the outward manifestation of a far graver inner sickness – a sickness stemming from errors of the most fundamental sort in the very premises on which today’s government is based.

It is clear that the men who sacrificed their lives at the Alamo had a deeper motivation than a desire to preserve the police power of the state. And those who died on Iwo Jima did not do so for the sake of the farm subsidy program or an independent judiciary.

Patriotism, in fact, has very little to do with law and order, the protection of property rights, or the regulation of commerce. Contrary to libertarian claims, it has not much to do with freedom either. The preservation of freedom or of “the American way of life” may be convenient concepts around which to build war-propaganda slogans or election clichés, but the reason men are willing to die in battle has more fundamental roots.

Feeling for Own Kind

Though patriotic feeling may be developed and modified in citizens by education or indoctrination, the rudiments of patriotism are inborn. That inborn quality is simply the instinct for the preservation of one’s own kind.

The only government which can rightfully demand of its citizens loyalty unto death is a government based on this fundament. A government properly constituted and a state properly conceived serve to express the collective will of a people – that is, of a group of human beings sufficiently homogeneous in their physical and psychical makeup that the fundamental concept of “kind” has real meaning for every member of that group.

Thus, the state – and much less any government – is no end in itself, but only a means to an end. That end is the preservation and advancement of a people – of a racial community.

The Organic State

Only so far as a state is identified with the vital interests of a people is it entitled to the allegiance of that people. Such allegiance is then equivalent to loyalty to one’s own kind, and such a state is organic in that its existence stems in a natural – one could even say biological – way from a natural community.

Any racially self-conscious citizen finds himself subject to two allegiances: that binding him to his own kind and that obligating him to his government. Of the two, the first has precedence. Only in an organic state do the two coincide.

Multiracialism Is Absurd

A government which claims to represent the vital interests of a multiracial society is not only unnatural but absurd. To whom, for example, does the Bantu in South Africa or the Arab in occupied Palestine give his loyalty – to the government or to his own kind?

Neither the Afrikaners nor the Jews are so foolish as to imagine it will be to the government, despite the multi-racial baloney to which they feel obligated to give lip service. For this reason, both Jew and Afrikaner take care to keep all the strings of government in their own hands.

We in America have not been so smart – but, then, no other nation has ever been subjected to such a program of liberal brainwashing and internal subversion as we have.

A Corrupt Monstrosity

The United States government has, through slow and (until the last 20 years)nearly imperceptible change, been transformed from an organic institution embodying the will and aspirations of a free, White, and proud citizenry to a corrupt, unnatural, and degenerate monstrosity irresponsibly catering to the dissolute tastes, desires, and whims of an increasingly debased, raceless conglomerate of materialistic serfs, products of the urban jungle and the most tyrannical thought-control apparatus the world has ever known.

As the government grinds massively onward, it behaves like a Frankenstein monster out of control. It has become completely alienated from the racial elements which originally created it and gave it life.

This terrible truth manifests itself daily in a thousand ways.

Terror in the Schools

Every White student in the public school systems of America’s cities, racially integrated by decree of the Justice Department, has experienced the terror which stalks his classrooms and recreation fields, hallways and restrooms. The daily shakedowns and beatings, indignities and intimidations bring a feeling of hopelessness and despair, because the government responsible for this classroom terror will not even admit that it exists.

Every White policeman and every White serviceman belonging to a police or military unit racially integrated by decree of City Hall or the Pentagon feels the loss of spirit and efficiency which has come as a result. He is sickened and discouraged by the slackening standards in his once-proud profession, by the growing corruption and rising drug abuse on the part of those who wear his uniform.

An Alien Tide

Every working man whose union has been flooded with under skilled “minority” workers by Labor Department decree senses the loss entailed, not only to his craft or trade but to the nation. If he has any pride of workmanship he must sorrow as the old, hard-earned traditions of skill and excellence yield to the alien tide of “equality.”

Every responsible and racially conscious public-school teacher, who, year by year, sees more and more lies and distortions in the textbooks he must use – textbooks which are being continually “revised” by decree of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare – knows the shame of aiding in the planting of these lies in the minds of his young charges.

Schools Racially Destructive

This is among the most deadly of all the System’s racially destructive activities. Through its iron control over the educational process it deliberately alienates an entire generation of young Americans from their cultural and racial antecedents. It applies the corrosive compound of half-truths and lies, calculated omissions and subtle psychological tricks to destroy all bonds between the individual and his racial community.

Our schools do not truly educate; instead they produce young people who, at worse, are so filled with artificially instilled feelings of guilt and self-hatred, the consequence of never-ending propaganda about “White racism” and the oppression of minorities, that they actively and consciously collaborate with the avowed enemies of our people. At best, we get young men and women who, having been denied the knowledge of the greatness and uniqueness of their race and of their responsibility as the bearers of that greatness and uniqueness, are indifferent to any appeal to racial solidarity. They are all converts to the liberal religion of individuality – the view that the individual exists solely as an end in himself.

Every year – every day – that this deadly process continues brings us closer to that point of no return when there will be so few uncorrupted escapees from the public mind-molding institutions that no effective resistance to the System can any longer be built.

Government Genocide

The United States government does not carry on its genocidal activities blindly or accidentally or against its will. It does not act reluctantly because of pressure from the alien-controlled newspapers and broadcasting networks.

The agencies of government are integral parts of the entire, corrupt System. They work hand in hand with the propaganda media to quench any spark of racial consciousness which might threaten their rule.

Ultimately the System, in order to secure its own evil existence, seeks the destruction of every last remnant of the only race which, having created it, is also capable of destroying it.

Servants of the System

The time has come when we must wake up and realize that the policeman on the street corner and the Congressman in Washington are no longer either our guardians or our servants. They are the guardians and servants of the System – though not necessarily consciously or with malice afterthought. More often they are only timeservers; more-or-less powerless cogs in the machine themselves.

Nevertheless, willingly or unwillingly, it is the System they serve.

The governmental structure which our forefathers built up to serve and protect us has been turned against us. Its strength is no longer our security but our peril. Its weaknesses are no longer our misfortune but our opportunity.

The line has been crossed.

Among racially conscious Americans there is widespread awareness of the destructive role of the System, but an equally widespread paralysis of the will where any remedy is concerned. Part of the fault lies in the fact that with Blacks and Jewish liberals and the spoiled, hairy brats of the Establishment shouting for a revolution, everyone else is inclined to regard revolution as a dirty word. To most mature and thoughtful patriots it is an abomination.

A Trap for Conservatives

This attitude arises from a failure to understand that the “revolutionary” tactics of those elements presently rioting in the streets are only a means of further emphasizing those things we already hate worst in the System. They only want to push us even faster along the road to racial ruin.

Thus, our “responsible conservatives” (and all others) fall into the trap of saying: “No, the System is going fast enough the way you want it. We will oppose your revolutionary demands by defending the System against you.”

And they still vainly seek solutions in the realm of reform rather than revolution: Write a letter to your Congressman. Send a dollar to help awaken your fellow citizens to the dangers of communism. Vote conservative. Join a tax protest. Pray that the earth will open and swallow the Supreme Court.

Present Prosperity a Curse

When the average White working man can own a color TV set, two new cars, and a house in the suburbs, it is very difficult to think revolution. We are comfort corrupted. No matter how bad the System is, we are unwilling to sacrifice our material luxuries for the sake of securing the future of our race.

We find too difficult to accept that it is better that we suffer the worse privations, the most grinding poverty, the most tyrannical oppressions than that, wallowing in comfort, we allow the race to die.

And so we keep looking for easier ways.

But there aren’t any easy ways. Maybe there were 50 years ago, but not today.

It is no longer possible to cure the System – to bring Frankenstein’s monster to heel – by Constitutional methods.

When the electoral process ceased being a person-to-person evaluation and choice of their representatives and leaders from among themselves by a properly qualified citizenry, the governmental forms handed down to us by a free Anglo-Saxon yeomanry lost their original meaning and relevance.

Today’s political shell game, in which the entire public herd is allowed a “choice” from an array of media-generated images, makes a cynical mockery of the very concept of representative democracy.

As long as public opinion is not the spontaneous consensus of a racially and culturally homogenous populace but is the artificially created and manipulated concoction of a small clique of racially alien mind-molders, it is idle to contemplate bringing about, by System-approved means, any significant governmental change contrary to the wishes of those who control the System.

Yet, millions of optimistic patriots perennially convince themselves that they have found an honest politician who, if only they can sneak him past the professionals and get him elected, will outwit the string-pullers and return the American government to the hands of its proper owners. They drastically underestimate the cunning of their masters.

Other millions believe that public enlightenment is the answer. For example, they are under the impression that the catastrophic 1954 Supreme Court decision on racial integration of our schools was the consequence of the court being supplied with faulty information on racial differences. They seriously misjudge the motives of the beast.

A Stake Through The Heart

We do not need to reason with the monster; we need to put a bullet into its brain and hammer a stake through its heart. If that means blood and chaos and battling the alien enemy from house to house in burning cities throughout our land – then, by God, it is better that we get on with it now than later.

If “responsible” citizens have no stomach for it, then the task must fall to our radicalized youth. And it is the responsibility of the National Youth Alliance to take a leading position in coming revolutionary developments, so that young Americans can build a revolution for America and for our people, instead of serving as pawns in the alien-controlled, anti-American and anti-White revolution of the Marxists.

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