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White Zion, Part 2

Our Community

Speech by by Dr. William L. Pierce, September 1984

Having to live around non-Whites -- having to work with them every day, being exposed to Jewish propaganda non-stop -- is not just intimidating and demoralizing in the sense of sapping hope and enthusiasm: it is spiritually debilitating. It can infect us with wrong values. It can distort our attitude toward our work, and it can undermine our adherence to our principles. And the longer we have to work in order to reach our goal, the more urgent this particular consideration becomes. For five years, or even ten years, any person with a little backbone can grit his teeth, shut out most of the poison, and keep his heart and his mind on his work. But what about working for 25 years, or 40 years, or a whole lifetime? How does one keep the flame of idealism burning with a pure light then? How does one pass that flame undimmed along to the next generation of strugglers? One does it only if somewhere there is a center of strength and purity which does not change, a center from which one can draw inspiration and guidance, because it is a center from which everything alien and unhealthy has been excluded.

Then there are the strictly practical considerations of having a place to ourselves, where we can do things that we will need to do in the future, in private; where we can have facilities that we'll need as our struggle progresses. And in the future we will also need a place where we can have the physical security and the economic self-sufficiency which it may not be possible to have in a metropolitan area like Washington.

In other words, we have needed a Zion, both psychologically and physically. And we'll need one even more in the future. And now we have one.

[Aside:] I wonder if I can have the lights out, and the slide projector on.

This is ours. Every tree and every blade of grass that you can see is ours. We own more than half a square mile of the most beautiful land on this continent.


The hills, the rocks, the meadows, and the forests there are all ours.

We've been able to acquire this land only because a few of us, a relative handful, have had the vision, the commitment to our goal, and the spirit of self-sacrifice which eventually everyone who remains a part of our community must have. And when every one of us has the spirit of self-sacrifice which a few have already displayed, then there will be nothing which we cannot accomplish.

I'll say it again: We have this land because of the sacrifices of a relative few. They're people who did not sit back and hold on tight to what they had, thinking that when the times comes that we are really making great strides forward, then they'll give us a little boost. No. These were people who have had the faith and the selflessness to put everything they had on the line for us now, when we're still almost nothing compared to what we will be one day. And some of the names of these great-hearted few cannot even be told until our goal has been reached, perhaps in another generation.

But I can tell you now that what we have achieved in the past few months will make an enormous difference to us -- more difference than most people can imagine. It's not just that the center of our operations will be where rioting Blacks or a Jewish arson squad cannot damage it. It's not just that we can now survive economic setbacks and breakdowns in law and order and continue doing our work without interruption. And it's not just that we can assemble a larger staff in a more pleasant location and keep them working on lower salaries than would be the case in Washington or any other city. More important than all of these considerations of security and economy and self-sufficiency and new facilities are the biological and spiritual considerations. We're adding an entirely new dimension to our work.

Until now, all of us have had to live 24 hours a day in a Jewish world, while trying to do a little bit now and then to make it possible to have a non-Jewish world at some time in the distant and indefinite future. But now we are actually beginning to build a little piece of that non-Jewish world. There will actually be a place which we may think of almost as a very small country, less than a square mile in size, where some of our people can begin living in accord with our values and our principles 24 hours a day, every day; where children can be raised in accord with those values and principles. We'll have a little country which is ours spiritually as well as physically.

And that has a double value to us, just like Zion has a double value to the Jews. One part of the value will be what we will be doing there on the land, biologically and spiritually as well as physically. The other part of the value will be the meaning -- the inspiration -- which that will have for the rest of us as we continue living in the Jewish world and going about our recruiting duties. I expect that what we do on the land, in our own little country, will result in an enormous flow of strength and enthusiasm outward to everyone off the land; of strength to overcome defeatism and despair; of strength to keep on working and keep on recruiting year after year. Because there will be a new light in the world that every member can see, no matter where he is; a new evidence that his work and his sacrifices are not in vain. There will be something tangible, something concrete, something alive and growing and permanent which his efforts are adding to: a community which he knows will not fold up and go away overnight, as right-wing organizations have a habit of doing. That will make a difference for us everywhere.

I know that whether I am physically on the land or off the land, my heart will be on the land. And I believe that will be true of many others also. This very month marks the beginning of a dual mode of existence for us.

On the one hand, we will be continuing to build the Alliance here in Washington, and in Chicago, and in Philadelphia, and in Montgomery, and in Johannesburg, and elsewhere through personal recruiting and the distribution of Alliance publications as we have in the past -- but more efficiently than in the past as we continue to learn how to be better recruiters and as we continue to upgrade the average quality of our membership, and we develop our organizational structure. That is our Diaspora.

At the same time, however, we'll be working on our land, on our mountain. So while the Diaspora is recruiting, the mountain will be building an actual community which will be moving, as it says on the logotype of National Vanguard, "Toward a New Consciousness; a New Order; a New People." An actual community.

Now I'll tell you where I believe all of this is heading. I wrote about community-building in the August [1984] issue of National Vanguard, but only very briefly about community action, about what our community would do relative to the rest of the world. I was brief because I don't like to speculate on uncertain things in National Vanguard, and anything which depends as much or more on what everyone else does as on what we do is indeed uncertain.

But what I think will happen is this: Along the road to the Mulatto world which the Jews, and of course the Mulattos and the Mestizos themselves, are working to bring about, we're going to run into some interesting developments, mostly in the form of reactions to the main thrust of history.

We're going to see, for instance, the growth of a White subculture in the United States. Just as, during the Middle Ages, there were some people with a natural immunity to the Black Death -- to the plague -- so there will emerge a segment of American society which is more or less immune to the Judaeo-Christian poison. That "more or less" qualification is important. I'm not saying that a ready-made batch of Alliance members will emerge. But there will be a lot of people generally alienated from the Jewish society.

People, for example, who will cling to their "redneck" heritage through country music with an overt racial message and who will reject the various Black, Mulatto, and Jewish country singers the Jews are already using in an effort to pre-empt such a development. There will be people who will emerge as a market for explicitly "racist" films and cable TV programs, or for explicitly "racist" printed materials ranging from comic books to genuine literature -- not necessarily literature with any message or films with a moral, but simply material which appeals to people who want to read about their Whiteness, or people who don't like Blacks and find pleasure in seeing them getting their lumps in a movie. There'll be certain towns, or certain suburbs, which will gain a reputation and which will manage to remain militantly White, sort of like Cicero, Illinois, for example, and which will manage to thwart government efforts to "integrate" them. There'll be certain vacation spots, certain leisure activities, and perhaps even certain clothing styles which will be associated with a spirit of militant Whiteness. And there will be a lot of non-militant Whites who will participate in one way or another in the trend.

I think this will emerge in a lot of different ways and at a lot of different levels. I think one will see it in certain labor unions. I think one will see certain elements in the Republican party participating in it, and some elements in various professions -- academics, lawyers, perhaps even an unofficial faction in the American Medical Association. One will see a lot of people engaged in activities that the Judaeo-Christians will denounce as "racist." But these people won't run like rabbits and begin apologizing for being White when they're denounced, as is nearly always the case today. They'll have heard it so many times, it just won't bother them -- or if it does, they'll counterattack with a denunciation of Zionist racism in Israel or of Black racism or of "Hispanic" racism.

Reactions of this sort are inevitable in any period of rapid and drastic social change. The toughest elements of the race, when they finally have their backs to the wall, will resist going down.

The Jews will be expecting this opposition. They've seen it happen a hundred times in other countries and in other ages. They regard such reactions as the natural death throes, a sort of wild flailing and thrashing about, of a civilization they have almost killed. And they will run around pouring water on the hot spots, but not greatly worrying about it. Their main concern will be to keep the various reactions from coalescing, from gaining any coherence, and -- more than anything else -- to keep them from having a purpose, an ideology, a unifying spiritual basis. And so they will be promoting a new Charlie Pride, a new Neil Diamond, to short-circuit the White music fans. They'll be writing and publishing anti-Black materials themselves, in an effort to capture that particular market and control it. They'll put forward "leaders" -- new Barry Goldwaters and new George Wallaces. And they'll be taking polls, having endless televised discussions about the phenomenon, trying to talk it to death, as well as trying to deal with it in the standard ways, using governmental coercion, economic pressure, and so on.

And the Jews will figure that if they can keep the reaction under control for twenty years or so, for a generation, it will lose its vitality and die out. And then there'll be nothing left to threaten them, nothing left to thwart their plan for a Mulatto future.

But the Jews, as so often in the past, will figure wrong. They're going to lose their grip on the reaction. It's going to get completely out of control. It's going to catch fire. Because we're going to be there, fanning the sparks and pouring on the fuel.


We're going to be taking advantage of the new markets for books and magazines and videotapes and music which will open up. We're going to be pouring our material into these markets. We're going to make our message available to all of those reactionaries, and some of them are going to listen to it. And those who do are going to provide a coherence to the whole thing. And the message will be coming from the mountain, from our island of White values in a Jewish ocean. And we're going to put some purpose and meaning into the lives of a lot of those people. And some of them will join our Diaspora, and strengthen it, and others will join us on the mountain, on our little island.

And the day will come when our little island becomes two islands, maybe a thousand miles apart; and then three; and then a whole archipelago. We're going to build a fire that they can't put out. The message is going to be coming from every island in our archipelago. We may not save this country or this civilization. But we'll save something. And then we'll start over. With White genes, White values, a White purpose. And we'll build a whole new world.

The really great thing about what has just happened is that we don't have to wait until after some violent revolution or some other cataclysm in the distant future to start rebuilding the world. We've already started.

Our mountain -- our island -- is the beginning of a new world. And it will be new in every way. Remember, we're not trying to escape from the present so that we can return to the past. Our aim is to establish a base in the present from which we can shape the future. We're not trying to make a simpler, more peaceful, or more rustic world to which we can retreat while everything else goes to Hell. It will be necessary for us to remain very much in touch with the rest of the world while it continues on its course. We're not going to imitate the Amish by shunning machinery. We're going to use every tool and every weapon available to us which will help us get the job done.

Our community on the mountain, on our little island, will be governed by the spiritual values that it is our mission to preserve. So it will be, essentially, a religious community. But it won't consist of a bunch of monks practicing their calligraphy with goose quills and parchment. It will be a religious community using the latest and most powerful data processing and word processing equipment which we can afford to purchase. In fact, we are looking at the specifications now for a powerful new computer which will be the basis for the whole system.

More than ever before, we'll need the special skills and resources of our members. We'll need talented, trained men and women who can provide special capabilities for us on the mountain, on our island. And we'll need financial support from others, so that we can continue acquiring needed equipment and continue moving forward with the development of our community. We'll need a lot of help, a lot of commitment, a lot of faith, a lot of sacrifice. But we have a good bunch of people; a bright and resourceful and idealistic bunch of people. And by pulling together and giving it everything that we've got, we'll win this fight yet. Thank you.


Source:Kevin_A._Strom_20021130_White_Zion,_Part_2;_by_Dr. _William_Pierce


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