Saturday, April 11, 2015

Leftist Fears of the National Alliance

by Dr. William L. Pierce (pictured)

THE LEFT HAS been doing a lot of moaning recently about “the rise of fascism” in America. Painting Ronald Reagan as an authoritarian bigot who aims to undo the civil rights “gains” of the last 30 years by putting Blacks back “in their place." The more wild-eyed elements on the left had gone so far as to claim that the Ku Klux Klan and other militant pro-White groups are secretly linked to the Reagan administration and have the government’s blessing when they “terrorize” minorities. That sort of hokum is good for coaxing contributions out of rich, left-wing Jews and their twittering bird-brains of White liberaldom.

The leaders and theoreticians of the radical left know better, of course, and among themselves they are more realistic. They know that White nationalists are hated and harassed by the Federal bureaucracy whether the man in the White House is a Carter or a Reagan. But they are genuinely concerned about one fairly new development: the ongoing radicalization of White groups, both in America and in Europe. In their publications they are warning one another that White action based on a coherent, fundamental, unifying ideology presents a far greater danger to them than the parochial and essentially conservative White reaction of the past.

In this the leftists are entirely correct. And it is interesting to note that the National Alliance has been singled out by at least one radical-leftists publication as the most dangerous of all White nationalist organizations, despite the fact that the Alliance has avoided headline-grabbing public activity and is still a rather small organization numerically. It is ideas, not right-wing publicity stunts which the enemies of a White future fear — and rightly so. And because the Alliance has been foremost in the formulation and propagation of ideas, the more intelligent leftists see it as the top threat to their own schemes.

The current issue of a magazine called Urgent Tasks, billing itself as the "journal of the revolutionary left," is devoted largely to a discussion of this threat. The first article in the magazine begins by fixing the beginning of the threat in 1967, when William Pierce and John Tyndall (now editor of the British publication Spearhead) exchanged a series of letters dealing with the future of the struggle for White independence and progress.

Another of the articles in Urgent Tasks is the text of an address given at a recent conference in Atlanta of the National Anti-Klan Network. The speaker Ken Lawrence, concerns himself with the fusion of what he calls "fascism" with traditional racial feeling in America, and he asserts that a book published by the Alliance, The Turner Diaries, is a "manual" for the Ku Klux Klan and a number of other White organizations. He says:
"I urge everyone, despite its horror, to acquire the manual of the current Klan/Nazi strategy and to understand what that strategy is. That book is the novel The Turner Diaries, written by William Pierce of the National Alliance under the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald. It is a stirring call to power. To cast it in literary terms, it is the flip side of The Iron Heel. Where Jack London projected a look backward at the revolution of the future to see its horrors, William Pierce used that device to show how the revolution that creates the New Order comes into being."
Lawrence then reads several lengthy excerpts from The Turner Diaries to his audience in order to illustrate his thesis. And he points out: "Now, the traditional Klan . . . did not have books like The Turner Diaries, which all of the resurgent Klans, every one of them from Edward Fields to Don Black to Bill Wilkinson, use as their manual. In fact they all have bulk discount prices for copies of it, which, among other things, proves that they are considerably more unified as to program and strategy than they ostensibly appear to be."

The leftists exaggerate a bit. They suggest a White unity which, in fact, does not exist; the Alliance remains a completely independent organization, and the others mentioned are not only independent of each other but often mutually hostile as well. And The Turner Diaries is hardly an operation manual or a blueprint, as implied; it merely provides food for thought, in a fictional setting. But, as the leftists note with considerable concern, that food is being eaten and digested rather widely — and not just by the Ku Klux Klan, to which Lawrence and his ilk refer so often, primarily because it has become a symbolic whipping boy for them, representing all racially oriented White groups without distinction of merit or effectiveness.

The point for Alliance members to remember is this: In the past 50 years the White record has been one of almost consistent failure. The reason, as brought out in the recent NV article on the failure of Southern leadership, has been a lack of ideology. The White resistance to those who would destroy the race has been conservative, based primarily on a desire to maintain the status qou. The only hope that the future will hold anything but failure lies in the fact that slowly — very slowly — ideology is beginning to become important. The conservative racists are dying off or giving up. A new generation, with a stronger commitment to principles, is coming to the fore. The Alliance’s enemies recognize this fact and are worried. Every Alliance member should be proud that it is the Alliance which is, more than any other organization, responsible for the change.

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Source: National Alliance BULLETIN

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