Thursday, November 3, 2011

Can a Universalist Middle-Eastern Creed Save the White Race?

Selected 'Brief Commentary' from National Vanguard magazine Issue #87, June 1982

researchers have put 14 years of painstaking effort into a valuable new reference work, World Christian Encyclopedia, which has just been published by Oxford University Press. It is crammed with up-to-date data of all sorts of the world's religious groups, and some of the demographic data tell an especially interesting story about the future of Christianity.

It is becoming more a Black man's religion -- and less a White man's -- with each passing day. Every day 7,600 Whites cease to be practicing Christians, according to World Christian Encyclopedia, while Christianity gains 16,000 Black Africans (4,000 per day through conversion and 12,000 through births).
"[Christianity] is becoming more a Black man's religion."
In 1900 two-thirds of the world's Christians lived in Europe (including Russia). Last year the balance tipped, with non-White Christians becoming the majority. By the year 2000 three-fifths of the world's Christians will live in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Another interesting datum is the result of a careful counting of Jews in the United States. World Christian Encyclopedia says there are 7.1 million of them, which is about a million more than than the Jewish organizations which keep track of such things will admit to. Perhaps there are more "survivors" than anyone had dreamed.


SOUTH AFRICA'S Prime Minister Pieter W. Botha, who has been softening up his country for a sellout ever since he took office, announced his plan earlier this year for sharing power with non-Whites. Said Botha: "We are not taking a highway to complete intetegration [but are seeking] the decent, Christian course of action in granting the Coloreds the right of self-determination..."
"[L]eaders of the Dutch Reformed Church branded apartheid 'heresy'."
South Africa's church leaders now seem to be in full agreement with Botha with that. While in the past only the liberal denominations -- Roman Catholic, Anglican and others associated with the English minority -- were advocates of Black power, since the beginning of this year the ultra-conservative Dutch Reformed Church of the Afrikaner majority also has called for power sharing and racial mixing. During a January church conference held in Pretoria, leaders of the Dutch Reformed Church branded apartheid "heresy."

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