Monday, November 21, 2011

What would the Jew do without his Holocaust®?

From Brief Commentary, National Vanguard Magazine Issue No. 88, July 1982:

Menachem [Begin] is in the fourth day of his newest invasion of Lebanon as this issue goes to press. Those troublesome Palestinians, who just will not let his fellow Israelis enjoy their stolen country in peace, must be taught a lesson. So his brave, Jewish stormtroopers are giving the Palestinian women and children in the Lebanese refugee camps another good taste of napalm and shrapnel.

Poor Ronnie [Reagan], who gave Menacham the napalm and the fragmentation bombs and told him for the fourteenth time that he was not to use them for aggressive purposes, like he has used all the weapons given to him earlier, is embarrassed by Menachem's latest display of contempt for his American benefactors but dares not say anything.

Never fear: the controlled media are covering for him. Interspersed with maudlin reviews of the latest "Holocaust" epic from Hollywood are headlines about how the U.S. government brought 300 Russian "Nazis" to this country after the Second World War and helped them escape their just desserts at the hands of our gallant Soviet allies for mistreating Soviet Jews. The very least the U.S. government can do to make up for that is help the Jews kill a few more Palestinians.

What would Menachem and his tribe do without the Holocaust? Why, they might be held accountable for their actions, just like ordinary people! No wonder they fly into such a rage whenever anyone questions their famous "six million" figure!
"[T]hey regard each one of those 'six million' as money in the bank."
For the sake of comparison, consider the case of the Mennonites, an unworldly, pacifist Christian sect, named after their 16th-century founder. Sixty years ago nearly half of the Mennonites in the world lived in Russia, and nearly all of these were systematically murdered by the Communists.

No one disputes the fact that the massacre occurred, and yet the Mennonites living today in Canada and the United States never belabor it. They are deeply concerned about starvation in Africa, and they draw back at the very thought of anti-Semitism, but they seem to feel that their own coreligionists' sufferings are but a small part of the human tragedy.

Imagine an American approaching one of these pious, humble people and saying something like, "I don't believe the Communists really killed 100,000 of your people. I think the actual number was closer to 10,000, and many of those were not actually murdered, but succumbed to starvation and typhus under Communist rule."

He would probably scratch his chin, look the American in the eye, and calmly reply: "Why, that's an interesting thought. You got anything I can read on the subject?"

One can dispute with any number of nationalities who have suffered persecution in the past, until one is blue in the face, without provoking that special wrath unleashed by the Jews on anyone who questions the highly suspect details of their own claim to martyrdom. The reason is that they regard each one of those "six million" as money in the bank.

What Mad Bomber Menachem and many of his tribe do not seem to realize, however, is that, regardless of how many of them suffered during the Second World War, their "six million" bank account is long overdrawn.

CANADA also has its cross to bear. May 14 of this year [1982] was the 34th anniversary of the Jews' 1948 announcement that they were taking Palestine away from the Palestinians and renaming it Israel. The Jews of Sarnia, a town of 54,000 in southwestern Ontario, asked the mayor to fly the Israeli flag in front of city hall for the day. The mayor, Marceil Saddy, who is Lebanese by birth, refused.

The Jews then demanded a special session of the City Council, at which they screamed "pig," "bigot," "racist," and "idiot" at Saddy. It took the other council members about 30 seconds to overrule Saddy, run down the Canadian flag, and run up the Israeli flag in its place.

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