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America and the Third World

by Dr. William L. Pierce
A 1955 UNICEF Christmas card depicting the flags of the
countries in the United Nations organization.

ON WHAT considerations should a proper American foreign policy be based? That seems a sensible enough question, yet it is one which has been shunned by at least two generations of Federal “experts” and their media mouthpieces. 

The basic reason is a reluctance to bring into the open certain fundamental discrepancies between America’s national interests and the guiding philosophy behind the foreign policy pursued by neo-liberal planners in Washington.

The shambles which this policy has made of the world in the last 60 years, however, should be adequate proof of the unsuitability of its ideological basis and of the need for a new one.

 White World Community

The fundamental rule of a new and proper American foreign policy must be the rule which should also be fundamental to domestic policy: Race is everything. The destiny of America is inextricably linked by ties of blood
and culture to those of the other White nations of the world, whether in Africa, the Pacific, or Europe.

The one great goal toward which American foreign policy should strive is the development of a worldwide community, transcending the geographical nationalism of the present, in which all men and women of Western blood will be members. The replacement of a parochial outlook with White world solidarity and the final elimination of fratricidal war would be among the enormous benefits of such a development.

Absurdity of Multiracialism

By the same rule, however, the travesty of a world community to which America’s spiritually handicapped leaders presently pay lip service — the United Nations Organization — is an absurdity. With no common racial and cultural basis, there can come no rational or consistent policy, no uniformity of purpose, from any multi-racial group, be it a single nation or an assembly of nations.

Despite the equalitarian mythology espoused by all U.N. delegates, those from the non-White nations, at least, are sufficiently race conscious that they form a coherent bloc which, even if it can agree on nothing else, is united in its hostility to all Westerners. It is difficult to imagine anything more tragically fatuous than America and the other White nations of the world competing with one another for the U.N. vote of Swaziland or Upper Volta.

Racial Suicide

To suggest placing the destiny of the White race in such hands, to seriously consider submitting America in any way to the decisions of a body in which the vote of a Fiji Islander or a Botswanan counts as much as that of a Canadian or a German, is criminal lunacy. Yet that is exactly what America’s so-called leaders have already done, to a limited extent. Mr. Kissinger’s recent assurance that the Nixon administration will fully support the U.N. effort to starve White-ruled Rhodesia into submission by banning all trade between Rhodesia and the United States is only one example of this.

 No More Meddling

The policy of the West — and, in particular, of America — toward the so-called “third world” should be one of total non-involvement.

If Nigeria wants to industrialize herself, fine, let her try to do it — with neither American interference nor aid.

If the Tutsis decide to barbecue and eat all the Hutus in Burundi, that is their business.

And if the Arabs object to the Jews stealing their land, they can fight it out among themselves, without American troops, weapons, or referees.

End Neo-Colonialism

The argument that if America doesn’t build a new dam or ball-bearing factory in Zambia the Russians will — and will thereby gain some unspecified advantage over us — is largely specious.

If the Russians want to try their hand at neo-colonialism — and that is the proper name for it — let them; there are very few instances where it can disadvantage us. In most cases the Russians, after carefully thinking over the pros and cons — and if there were no worry about the Americans rushing in and beating them out of something — would find it the better part of wisdom to forget about building a ball-bearing plant in Zambia and would leave the Zambians happily squatting in their own filth.

 Race Before Profit
Indeed, there still exist many places in the third world, perhaps even in Zambia, where Western know-how can turn a buck. And capitalists (of both the private and state, or communist, varieties) would scream bloody murder if they were no longer allowed to develop a market for their electric golf carts there — and import cheap labor therefrom in order to manufacture them.

Placing racial interests above economic interests, however, requires us to firmly rule out both these international capitalist activities in the long run — the latter immediately. There was a time when the capitalist argument for importing laborers of alien race, either free or slave, may have carried some weight, but that time is long past.

 Ship Them Back

The current practice in northern Europe — especially Germany — of allowing local capitalists to import hordes of alien workers to do the hard and dirty work that Western workers find beneath their dignity will prove the ruin of northern Europe if it is not halted.
The result of Germany bringing in alien workers from Turkey after World War Two. They were originally guest workers (Gastarbeiters), with the intention of having them leave when their contracts expired. This did not actually happen and recently, in the year 2000, the German government gave these foreigners citizenship.
The result of Germany bringing in alien workers from Turkey after World War Two: they were originally guest workers (Gastarbeiters), imported with the intention of having them leave when their contracts expired. This did not actually happen and in the year 2000 the German government gave these foreigners citizenship.

Likewise, South Africans would be well advised to keep the gates of their Bantustans closed by day as well as by night and learn to do themselves whatever work is necessary to their economy.

And the same lesson applies with particular urgency to America and her former slaves.

 No More Beads and Whisky

Trade and “development” are not the same thing, but they are inextricably linked. If America imports coconuts and rhinoceros hides from some “undeveloped” nation with an agricultural economy, that nation will usually expect American machinery — and American technologists to keep it running — in return. There was a time when glass beads and whisky would have been sufficient, but not any more.

The export of Western technology to the non-White world is probably the stupidest thing that we, as a race, have ever done. The original idea in the minds of our naive do-gooders was that we would simultaneously raise the non-Whites’ standard of living and save their souls — i.e., make dark-skinned Westerners of them. Instead we greatly increased the number and efficiency of our natural enemies while instilling in them an implacable hatred for us.

 Destroyed Souls

We also managed to destroy their souls, by uprooting them from their soil, obliterating their culture, making their native handicrafts obsolete, and catastrophically changing their lifestyle.
With the major increase of the non-white population increase in India comes the non-stop overflow of trash, with huge trash piles along roadways, in random fields and right outside apartments and housing developments.  The extent of these piles and the animals that roam through them is staggering.
With the major increase of the non-White population in India comes the non-stop overflow of trash, with huge trash piles along roadways, in random fields and right outside apartments and housing developments. The extent of these piles and the animals that roam through them is staggering.

Is India a better or happier place for having been “Westernized”? No one who has visited Bombay or Calcutta can think so. Western technology has simply made it possible for vastly more Indians per square mile to starve than was previously possible.

 Back to the Jungle

Much of the industrialization of the third world which has already taken place is reversible. With their supply of Western technicians and spare parts cut off, all Black African — and many other —nations would simply revert to their former jungle lifestyle within a few years.

Those few non-White nations where industrialization is not self-reversible will be a growing worry and danger for the West in the future. China is the outstanding example.

Trade with the third world must continue for the present, but the long-range goal of the West should be complete economic autonomy. There is no raw material which we cannot obtain from another White nation or eventually learn to do without.

Oil is the most immediately relevant example. If America manages to get through the current fuel crisis without irreparable damage, it may serve as a stimulus to achieve national autonomy in fuel. If so, the crisis will have been a good thing.

 Western Destiny

So let us look forward to a new American policy toward the third world, a policy which abjures all neo-colonialism and its attendant hypocrisies.

Let us look forward to the day when we no longer are tempted to resort to gunboat diplomacy to protect markets or sources of raw materials.

Let us pursue our own Western destiny without masses of aliens in our midst — and let us allow the peoples of the third world to do the same, in their own way and in their own time.

We may then find that many of the jealousies and sources of friction which have kept the White peoples of the world — including even the Russians — divided against one another will have disappeared.

* * *

From Attack! No. 24, 1973, transcribed by Anthony Collins and edited by Vanessa Neubauer, from the book The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard, edited by Kevin Alfred Strom

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  1. The UN, or more accurately the jewN, is a precursor to "World Gov" presented in Ward Kendall's sci-fi novel 'Hold Back This Day'. It's a good read, but without giving the ending away, we must stand and fight rather than place our hopes for victory in a hi-tech solution.