Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WABC's Bob Grant questions Dr. William Pierce about The Turner Diaries and Tim McVeigh

This is only a small part of the show. If anyone has other parts or the full show, please let us know.

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  1. I remember hearing some of this broadcast when it happened. Grant was a very sharp interviewer and actually managed to throw Dr. Pierce off balance with some unanticipated questions. You can hear a certain amount of nervousness in Dr. Pierce's voice at the beginning of this recording, which was very unusual for him in an interview.

  2. Hi Hadding,

    I agree with you, at certain points Bob Grant managed to throw Dr. Pierce off during the interview, especially near the end where he questions him on why the Jews would carry out this agenda in spite of the fact they are prospering greatly as business men owning the mass media.

    Although Dr. Pierce was only to give as an answer the example of the movie "Save the last Dance", where miscegenation was being openly promoted by Paramount owner Sumner Redstone. He did give a more substantial answer to this question on his subsequent ADV Broadcast, where he admits graciously that Mr. Grant did ask a very valid question at that point in the interview.

    Another point where I thought he was kind of thrown off, was when Bob Grant was questioning the details of a possible race-war in the future. He was bringing up the point that it wouldn't be only black vs. white, but also mestizos battling blacks and other minority groups for domination. I felt that Dr. Pierce was kind of surprised and shocked that a radio host, from NYC no less, would give this possibility credence.

    Overall, however, I thought Dr. Pierce held his own throughout with maybe the exception being near the end, which I really don't fault him for. Anyone of us in the same position would encounter the great difficulty in adequately answering a tough question indeed.

    I wish I had the other parts, but to my recollection this was the only portion that a listener was able to record of the interview. I could be wrong, as I d/l it 12 years ago, so maybe I was not diligent enough in searching for the entire thing.

    I still throughly enjoyed it though for the small segment it was. I liked how Dr. Pierce dealt with the callers, especially that arrogant Jew who was trying to argue against Jewish control of the mass media. I thought Dr. Pierce owned him during the back and forth.

    Best Regards,


  3. I wonder whether the caller taking the examples of Albert Einstein and Jonas Salk at 14:54 was the inspiration for the broadcast used in Ares’s video The Jews Are Our Misfortune, as William Pierce uses those very same Jews (plus Sigmund Freud) in it.
    Direct link: https://vimeo.com/65506257